Ms. Kerrie Phipps

Kerrie PhippsMs. Kerrie Phipps, Speaker, Leadership Coach, and Author of "Do Talk to Strangers: How to Connect to Anyone, Anywhere"(Australia)

Kerrie Phipps is an inspiring and energetic communicator whose passion is connecting and empowering Difference-Makers and Leaders. Kerrie loves facilitating new thinking, to generate insights and turning-point conversations.

n 2005, her coaching practice grew quickly and her husband Lyndon, a licensed real estate agent offered to leave his full-time work to take on her administration and achieve his own goal of quality and quantity time with their young son.

The learning from this lifestyle change inspired Kerrie and Lyndon to establish Create the Life Club in 2008, which enabled them to support more people through their online personal development business.

Coaching many inspiring regional entrepreneurs and introducing them to each other has unearthed a passion in Kerrie for connecting like-minded people and providing a platform for them to resource and inspire others.

Kerrie wrote the Personal Best page for Regional Business Magazine from 2006 – 2008 and published her first book, Create the Life Journal in December 2008. She loves seeing people light up with inspiring ideas and supporting them in achieving their goals, positively impacting their colleagues, staff, family and community in the process.