It began with a vision.

A resolute conviction by a group of visionary leaders on the importance of fully developing the human potential. A firm belief that effective human resource management and training are the keys to any nation’s survival and growth.

Thus, in 1974, during a productivity conference in Manila attended by national productivity organization from 12 Asian countries, a resolution was made to form the Asian Regional Training and Development Organisation  (ARTDO).

ARTDO began as a non-profit NGO, a regional umbrella organization for training and development comprising national training bodies from  12 countries, with its secretariat based in Manila, Philippines.

Today, this organization has grown and evolved into ARTDO INTERNATIONAL – a global reach umbrella body with members comprising national organisations, education and training institutes multinational corporations, HR and management specialists from well over 30 countries worldwide.

And it does not stop there. ARTDO INTERNATIONAL continues to expand rapidly as it relentlessly pursues its original vision to advance human resource development.

After all, the human potential knows no limits.