ITD  Manila  Hosts  43rd  ARTDO  Conference

ARTDO_logoIt is an international umbrella body with membership comprising national organizations, educational institutions,multi-national corporations,public and private enterprises and HR management specialists from well over 30 countries worldwide.

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The 2016 ARTDO Jeepney Ride

As the 43rd hosts of ARTDO International, the jeepney does not just represent the Philippines as the host nation but also this year's theme Engaging, Enriching and Enabling Global Leaders.

Dubbed as the king of the road either as a compliment or otherwise, this iconic vehicle undoubtedly adds vibrancy in the all too often gridlocked metropolis. If one would look closely enough, the jeepney is moving art gallery that reflects the Philippines and it's people identities.

A remnant of the American occupation in the 1940's, the Filipinos ingenuity transformed the military Jeep from a four seater vehicle to a twenty-two passenger highly innovative mode of transport

The word jeepney is said to be a portmanteau of the words jeep and jitney. Another theory says it must have been from the words jeep and knee, as the unintentional touching the knee of your neighbour with your own is inevitable.

A jeepney engages all your senses from its flamboyant design to the actual experience of riding one. We aim to engage you with the forums, sessions and talks with our distinguised guests and high calibre speakers throughout the conference.

A jeepney ride enriches experience. As one of the most popular modes of transportation in the Philippines, these are taken by people from different walks of life and meeting some of them can change your life for the better and see things is a different perspective

The three-day conference is like jeepney ride; a chance to take advantage and participate in meaningful discussions and interactions with participants who are from different cultures and nationalities.

A jeepney enables change. A vehicle meant to carry four passengers now transformed to carry five times more

Change is invitable so we must learn to adapt. Just like the jeepney that went through an innovative transformation, we look for lucrative ways to deal with the ever changing market and industry. We must think of ways to continue to exist and flourish. We seek for new and highly relevant ideas to keep going forward

The ARTDO conference is a perfect venue to accomplish all these things. Connect, network and mingle to broaden perspectives and use these as enablers of change in your life, community and organization.

Theme Focuses on

"Engaging, Enriching and Enabling Global Leaders"



          Global thought leaders and people development professionals from different parts of the world gather at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria on  16-18 November 2016 for the 43rd ARTDO International Conference.

          Organized by ITD World Philippines, the three-day learning and networking event carries the theme: " Engaging, Enabling and Enriching Global Leaders."

          Serely Geraldine Alcaraz, ITD World Philippines Country Head and President of ARTDO International, said the conference will take the participants on a journey to excellence in which organizations and individuals can triumph over trials and challenges through synergistic engaging of global workforce, talents and organizations.

          The landmark conference will cover applicable, highly relevant and invaluable topics that can be easily adapted in today's competitive and ever-changing business landscape.

          The Philippine jeepney - an iconic vehicle - highlights Filipinos' engenuity in transforming the US military Jeep from a four-seater to a 22 passenger transport facility. Like an exciting jeepney ride, the conference will engage the senses, broaden and enrich experiences and bring about desired changes.

          Structured and free-wheeling discussions in the conference will evolve around the following topics:




Conference Topics

Engaging the Global Workforce


Engaging Individuals

Global Competencies in a Competitive World Winning Work Environment: Lessons from the Most Creative Workplaces Engaging the 21st Century Workforce

Engaging Leaders

Best Practices in Engaging Leaders:

Roles and Responsibilities and Strategies in Retaining key Talents

Engaging Organizations

Benchmark: Top Organizations with Excellent Engagement Programs Measurement of Engagement

Enriching Global Talents

Enriching Learning and Development

Trends in Learning and Development

Modern Approaches in Training

Measuring ROI in Training

Enriching OD Competencies

Tools and Strategies in Change Management and OD Establish your Self-Awareness as Change Manager Build Participation and Ownership in Change

Enabling Global Organizations

Enabling Corporate Innovation

Global Innovation Index

Role of Innovation in Business Performance

HR Technology and Innovation

Enabling Team Performance

Creating a Coaching and Mentoring Culture

Sustaining Performance

Celebrating Milestones

Enabling Breakthrough Results

Delivering Strategic Business Results through Collaboration

Continuing Success through Effective

Succession Planning

Business Case : From Local to Global





Dr. Peter Chee, CEO of ITD World (Malaysia) Ranked #6 among World's Top 30 Coacing Gurus for 2016 Author of "Coaching for Break-through Success"

Mr. Abdallah S. Jum'Ah, Former President & CEO of Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Arabia) Board Member of Zamil Industries, Hassana Investement and the Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Dr. Jack J. Philips, Chairman of ROI Institute Author/Editor of more than 50 books  (USA) World-renowned expert on Accountability, Measurement and Evaluation

Ms. Kerrie Phipps, Speaker, Leadership Coach and Author of "Do Talk to Strangers: How to Connect with Anyone, Anywhere" (Australia)

Scott Friedman, CSP, Past President of the National Speakers" Association (USA), Author of  "Celebrate: Lessons from the World's Most Admired Organizations" and "A Celebration a Day"

Prof. Dr. Vinayshil Gautam, Senior Adviser, KPMG and Hon. Dean KPMG Academy, Founder of IIM-K First Head Management Department (India)

Paul N. Larsen, MA, CPPC, Executive Coach, Speaker and Author of "Find Your Voice as a Leader" (USA)